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Locked In Escape Room - Ogden

Hello, and welcome to an amazing escape room experience. Here at Locked In Escape Room, we’ll go out of our way to challenge you. Our team of designers and game masters have created a selection of rooms perfect for families, friends, tourists, co-workers, and for special events.
Whether you visit us in Logan or Ogden we promise to give you a fun, challenging and memorable interactive experience.

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Our Rooms

The Haunting of Moonrise Manor

For many years Moonrise Manor was the most extravagant and glamorous of all the homes in the city.  To be seen attending an event there would surely land you in the society columns.  That is until one fateful night when the owners were found dead in their beds but from no apparent cause.  Having no heirs to maintain the home, it slowly fell into disrepair. 


Now, decades later new owners are trying to restore the home once again to its former glory.  But all is not going as planned.  What otherworldly forces are at work? Who (or what) is causing the disruption at Moonrise Manor? 


You and your team of ghost hunters have been tasked with two objectives:  Identify the ghost inhabiting this old house, and set the spirit free.  Are you up to the challenge, or will you be spooked away?

60 Minutes

Minimum group size 4, maximum group size 10

Difficulty Level: Challenging,  4 out of 5

$29.95 per person


The Electric Chair

Your friend has been found guilty and sentenced to die in the electric chair for a crime you know they didn't commit.  You are certain that the police have the evidence that proves their innocence, but time is running out.  You have just 60 minutes until they fire up "Old Sparky" for the execution.  Will you and your team of amateur investigators be able to free your friend from the chair, gain entry to the police files and uncover the real evidence, and get it to the Governor in time to stop the execution?  

60 Minutes

Minimum group size 4, maximum group size 8

Difficulty Level: Challenging,  3.5 out of 5

$29.95 per person

Electric Chair (1)_edited.jpg

Area 51

Strange lights were sighted over Roswell New Mexico again.  Increased military activity can be seen in the area.  Hushed rumors are swirling around town, "They have found aliens!"  
With the help of an Area 51 insider, you and your group of UFO believers infiltrate the secret facility.  Can you uncover the secrets hidden deep within, and finally show the world that aliens do exist?

60 Minutes

Minimum group size 4, maximum group size 8

Difficulty Level: Challenging,  4.5 out of 5

$29.95 per person

Opening Hours

Located at 3373 S 250 W  Ogden

Just West of the Cinemark Theaters @ Newgate Mall

Appointments preferred. Walk-Ins based on availability.

Phone:  385-865-3225


Mon, Tues, :  4pm - 9pm

Wed & Thurs by special appointment only
Fri: 2pm - 10pm
Sat: 11am - 10pm
Sun: Closed

Combination Lock
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