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Frequently Asked Questions

What is I can't make my time or I'm running late?

We understand unexpected events might occur. Should you find that you need to reschedule your experience, please contact Locked In Ogden at (385) 865-3225 within twenty-four (24) hours advanced notice. This way we can get you scheduled for another time. If you attempt to reschedule in less than twenty-four (24) hours, we may not be able to accommodate your request, as your game time may not have time to be booked by someone else. We do not offer refunds.

What is an Escape Room?

Picture this: A group of people are placed in a room for an hour, with only their wits and problem-solving skills to find a way out as the stress builds around them. Some call it a murder mystery on steroids, gamified theater, a living puzzle, real-life video games, interactive entertainment, or an intense team-building experience. Northern Utah calls it The Great Room Escape, and one of the first escape rooms in the state.

Each room concept has a tension or pressure element, making it just a little more challenging to recall simple spelling and arithmetic needed to solve puzzles. This element makes the escape rooms the perfect environment for team building.

A concept that started in Japan in 2007 spread to Europe and is finally making its way to the United States. Almost 3,000 escape rooms are found in 65 countries and more than 700 cities, according to the Escape Room Directory. Business is booming since the first escape room opened on U.S. soil in 2012. More are opening every day, and Layton’s owners expect to open more Utah locations in the future.

What if I'm unsure if I want to join my party?

Our games are designed to provide an amazing and memorable experience for all! This is why we have a wide variety of games to choose from. You know you or your and your guest’s limitations best. If you are attending one of our more intense rooms (i.e. The Haunting of Moonrise Manor), you may want to reconsider another game that fits your personality.

Each room is meant to offer a different feel and challenge! Please make sure to read the descriptions of each room before booking so you can have the best experience possible. Overall, we feel that we are a great choice for families, group dates, birthday parties, church groups, game enthusiasts, travelers, corporate events, and those who are looking for something with a different twist to dinner and a movie.

Will I be put with people I don't Know?

All of our games are currently private. This means you will only be In the room with people who you have invited.

What is prohibited in a game room?


You may not bring:

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Gum

  • Vape pens or electric cigarettes

  • Flasks

  • Cigarettes, cigars or any other form of tobacco

  • Illegal drugs

  • Purses and backpacks

  • Markers, stickers, or spray-paint

  • Phones, cameras, electronic devices (unless you are a professional on call)

  • Food

  • Any item that challenges public safety

Non-alcoholic drinks that are in a spill-proof container may be allowed. If you have an item that you are unsure about taking in, check with the receptionist first for approval. Employees of Locked In Ogden always reserve the right to decide for or against the container that you want to bring in.

How do you play?

While there are no specific skills needed to participate in escape rooms, your team will need people with all types of skills and thought processes in order to successfully escape. You will get to see each person use their individual skill set to contribute to the team’s successful escape. Who knows, you may even learn something about your teammates that you didn’t know before!

All items that are necessary to play the game will be provided. You do not need flashlights, lockpicking kits, screwdrivers, knives or any else besides good old-fashioned brain power and logic to make your escape. All you need is your inner detective.

Of utmost importance to thoroughly enjoying your time with Locked in Escape is communication. While one person or small group works on one clue, another may be across the room working on another. In order to avoid duplication and effectively channel individual effort, every group member must communicate with the others. It’s all about working together!

Repeat customers can try to beat their previous time, or even other groups. They will also be pleased that room themes may periodically change, as will the clues and puzzles in games they have already experienced. If you are a returning customer and have brought new friends that have not played the game, please make sure to give them a chance to figure out clues you may already know.

When can you visit our escape room?

Your group can request almost any time and day year-round to experience Locked in Ogden with prior arrangements. Since it is an indoor venue, Locked in Ogden is the perfect choice any time of the year, no matter the weather. Currently, regular hours include shows Monday through Saturday. Weekends often fill up in advance, so online booking is encouraged.

As the escape room increases in popularity, show times will increase. Limited walk-ins are allowed as room permits, so online ticket purchasing is encouraged. Visit our location to talk with staff members and book your show. For corporate events or special events outside of regular hours, please call to arrange a time.


Can I add more people after I've booked a game?


Yes! If have already booked a game and more people you know would like to join your party, simply have them show up with you on the day of your game and they can pay in person. If you would like to pay for additional people in advance you can always call us at (385) 865-3225. Keep in mind that you may not exceed the maximum amount of guests allowed in a game.

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