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The Electric Chair

LockedInEscapeRooms® Presents

EC Complexity.png

The execution hour is quickly approaching. You know the condemned is truly innocent.  If only you could find the hidden evidence that proves his innocence and reveals the true criminal. 

But, MAYBE there is a way.   If you can release the convicted from "Old Sparky", find a way into the Chief Investigators' office, and get the evidence to the Governor, then just maybe you can save a life and bring the true criminal to justice!

Ready to Solve a crime?

Cancellation Policy:  All ticket sales are final, no refunds will be given.  We are happy to try to reschedule your time if possible, but we do not guarantee availability. No-shows are not refundable.  

By continuing with your purchase you agree to all terms and conditions.


Are you looking to book outside of our regular hours?

With advance notice, we can accommodate corporate activities and larger groups most any time of the day. Limited facilities are also available for a conference area.

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