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The Haunting

LockedInEscapeRooms® Presents

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For many years Moonrise Manor was the most extravagant and glamorous of all the homes in the city.  To be seen attending an event there would surely land you in the society columns.  That is until one fateful night when the owner Emily Isabel Royce mysteriously disappeared.  Having no heirs to maintain the home, it slowly fell into disrepair and was soon abandoned. 


Now, decades later new owners are trying to restore the home once again to its former glory.  But all is not going as planned.  What otherworldly forces are at work? Who (or what) is causing the disruption at Moonrise Manor? 


You and your team of ghost hunters have been tasked with two objectives:  Identify the ghost inhabiting this old house, and set the spirit free.  Are you up to the challenge, or will you be spooked away?


Ready to Uncover a Mystery?

Cancellation Policy:  All ticket sales are final, no refunds will be given.  We are happy to try to reschedule your time if possible, but we do not guarantee availability. No-shows are not refundable.  

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Are you looking to book outside of our regular hours?

With advance notice, we can accommodate corporate activities and larger groups most any time of the day. Limited facilities are also available for a conference area.

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